Biofilm Jello's

Biofilm Jello's

Biofilm is the matrix that pathogens build over themselves to protect from digestive juices, so they are not killed off. 

Some of these pathogens are really good at hiding and it’s why antibiotics don’t work. GP’s generally prescribe Flagyl or Metronidazole and they only have a 22% success rate. 

The missing part of the puzzle is using a biofilm concoction that breaks down the matrix to release the pathogens out and then hit them with your herbs, nutritionals or antibiotics... whatever your choice is. 

The biofilm concoction tastes aghhhhh and nearly impossible to get into kids. So I made a Jello recipe to hide the taste that are kid friendly!!



a.     Mix ¼ cup of gelatin.  I use this one

½ cup of water and stir quickly until it becomes a paste.  Let bloom for    15 minutes.

b.      Mix together:

·      200 ml of coconut milk

·      2 tsp cream of tarter

·      4 tsp xylitol

·      2 tsp bicarb soda

·      3 tsp Braggs ACV (apple cider vinegar)

·      1 tablespoon raw cacao

c.       Pour mix into a saucepan

d.     Lightly heat the mix, heating too high or too quickly will destroy the beneficial bacteria in the ACV. 

e.     Add the gelatin mix and take off heat, stirring until its dissolved.  You may have to put it back on the heat if it is not dissolving. 

f.      Pour into moulds, ice cube trays or ramekins.

g.     Place in fridge for at least 30 minutes to set.  Take out as required.  Must be kept in the fridge. 

You would have one jello on an empty stomach before food and before drug or herb.  Please see a certified practitioner to assist in correct dose.  

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