Wholesome Snack Ideas

Clients are always asking what are some healthy snacks for when they need something in between meals. I’ve put together a list of my favourite go too’s including homemade baked goods, whole real food snacks and when we just don’t have time to bake some healthy store bought options. These are all suitable for adults and kids.

Raw Veggie Wrap - Thyroid Support

Raw veggie wraps are a fantastic way to get extra nutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols in.  I created this one with the idea of supporting thyroid health.  The wakame is high in iodine which is used to make thyroid hormones.    Brazil nuts are high in selenium which are needed for the metabolism of thyroid hormones.  Coriander is a natural chelator so will help bind to toxins and excrete them out of the body. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which is needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Ben's Broth

At first I was like OMG this has no flavour but I resisted the urge to add anything to it. Now I crave the blandness and can taste every single ingredient for what it is.  Dave and I continue to have this a few nights a week as a reset.

Blackstrap Molasses Cookies

These are great for lunchbox snacks. Unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses contains essential vitamins and minerals — boasting a number of powerful health benefits. Molasses has a moderate glycemic load of 55, which makes it a better choice than refined sugar, especially for people with diabetes.

Chia Rocky Road

This is my take on rocky road, made with chia and gut building gelatin. You can’s see it in the picture but there are chocolate bits in there too. With no added sugar this makes a great low carb snack, breakfast or dessert.

Citrusy Chia Pudding

Breakfast is where a lot of people go wrong. They either skip all together or have something high in carbohydrates which spikes their blood sugar which instigates an insulin surge and then they are on a blood sugar rollercoaster all day.

Raw Veggie Dip

Or scraps dip because you can really use any vegetable you have in the fridge. Dips are a great way to amp your antioxidant and fibre intake up with the addition of nuts and/or seeds for increased fatty acids and minerals.

Green Pancakes

These are a regular in our house and the kids love them. It’s a great way to sneak greens in to them for an iron, folate magnesium, carotenoids, B vitamins and and Vitamin C. As well as the protein, biotin and zinc from the eggs.

Collagen Plumps

One of the most frequently asked question in terms of diet from my clients is ‘What should/could I have for breakfast?’ My answer is always protein and/or good quality fats so you dont’ have blood glucose sky rocketing at the start of the day which potentially can lead to blood sugar dys-regulation all day.

Luteal Balls

These balls are based on the Seed Cycling Theory which is the practice of eating a combination of specific seeds throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle to promote hormone harmony.  

The nutrition content of which help support, regulate and clear out our hormones (specifically estrogen and progesterone) throughout the cycle.  

Follicular Balls

These balls are based on the Seed Cycling Theory which is the practice of eating a combination of specific seeds throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle to promote hormone harmony.  

RAW Beetroot Hemp Balls

Beetroots are high in antioxidants and polyphenols and its a great source of folate and iron.  The antioxidant bentalain is what gives beetroot its deep red colour.  This recipe is raw, full of protein from the hemp seeds and good quality fats from the coconut oil.  The raw cacao gives it a deep rich flavour.

Keto Cake

Made this fat cake up for Dave's birthday and it was a hit with everyone, kidlets and grandparents included!  This cake is keto friendly and low carb and is full of healthy fats!

Yellow Carrot Ribbon Pesto

This is a great alternative to pasta without the insulin spike from flour but instead an extra boost of nutrients from carrots.  You could also use spaghetti squash, or zucchini.  I used these giant yellow carrots because that's what I had in my veggie box.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)

When you get a whole cabbage in your veggie box for the week - okonomiyaki is the solution!! Cabbage is high in fibre, vitamin C, has anti-inflammatory properties and is known for its detoxification properties. 

Biofilm Jello's

Biofilm is the matrix that pathogens build over themselves to protect from digestive juices, so they are not killed off. 

The missing part of the puzzle is using a biofilm concoction that breaks down the matrix to release the pathogens out and then hit them with your herbs, nutritionals or antibiotics... whatever your choice is. 

The biofilm concoction tastes aghhhhh and nearly impossible to get into kids. So I made a Jello recipe to hide the taste that are kid friendly!!

Low Carb Gooey Zucchini Brownie

This low carb gooey Zucchini Brownie is an absolute winner.   It's low carb, has a low glycemic index and a low carbohydrate load which means it doesn't impact your blood glucose levels much.  You could have this for breakfast, snack or dessert. 

Raw Veggie Wrap - Spinach, Zucchini, Coriander and Walnut

This is another of my favourite bread alternatives recipes.  Raw veggie wraps are a fantastic way to get extra nutrients, antioxidants and polyphenols in.  They can also be a great snack for kids and are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, preservatives, flour and sugar.  You can also swap out the walnuts to seeds if you need it to be nut free.

Raw Veggie Wraps - Red Pepper, Squash, Black Miso and Garlic

A nutrient dense alternative to breads, wraps and crackers.  Made mostly from vegetables with some nuts or seeds.  Free from flours, gluten, sugar, dairy, wheat, preservatives.  These raw veggie wraps  are low carbohydrates and high in nutrition, antioxidants and polyphenols.  Because they are slowly dehydrated at less than 45 degrees C, they maintain the nutrient integrity so become an excellent alternative to nutrient deficient breads. They are also handy for travelling, kids lunch boxes and using up vegetables.