Please contact Mel if you would like any of the following workshops delivered to a group. Mel can modify each workshop to suit the appropriate audience.

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  • Do you feel like something is just not right with your health but all your regular blood work shows that you are ‘in range’?

  • Have you been telling yourself that those vague annoying symptoms you’re experiencing are ‘normal’ or you must ‘just be getting oldr’?

  • Does your gut tell you that you could have much more energy, less inflammation and more balanced moods, but you’re not sure how to achieve this’?

  • Are you already doing ‘everything right’ to the best of your knowledge but still don’t feel as vital as you want to?

  • Do you have weight loss resistance (it just wont move no matter what you do!)?

    Topics I will address:

What could be going wrong? D.R.E.S.S

Case studies:

  • Oestrogen dominance

  • Circadian rhythm dysfunction

  • PCOS/metabolic dysfunction

  • endometriosis

  • Liver congestion

  • thyroid health

General nutrition advice for balancing hormones

General lifestyle advice for balancing hormones

Digging deeper – functional testing Adrenostress profile, DUTCH, extensive thyroid, Comprehensive Gut tests