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Homemade Jello's

Kids love lollies! They love the texture, the colors, the shapes and the taste. But they are bad news for several reasons… they have a list of colors, preservitives, flavour enhancers and sugar! All of which could be detrimental to your kids health and moods!

These home made jello’s look like lollies but I use organic grassfed gelatin, flavoured with natural sweeteners such as honey or maple or food and natural colors from food such as beetroot.

Wholesome Snack Ideas

Clients are always asking what are some healthy snacks for when they need something in between meals. I’ve put together a list of my favourite go too’s including homemade baked goods, whole real food snacks and when we just don’t have time to bake some healthy store bought options. These are all suitable for adults and kids.

Keto Cake

Made this fat cake up for Dave's birthday and it was a hit with everyone, kidlets and grandparents included!  This cake is keto friendly and low carb and is full of healthy fats!