My Hair Mineral Analysis Test (HMAT) Results

My Hair Mineral Analysis Test (HMAT) Results

I thought I would share my HMAT results in this blog with a follow up blog on how I am de-toxing safely, and slowly, as well as supplementing to balance minerals. The HMAT can be complex and intricate to interpret, however the below example is just a basic analysis. The results were interesting to say the least.

In my opinion I eat an extremely healthy, nourishing diet. Mostly organic produce, meat from grass fed animals, no refined sugar, no processed foods, wild caught fish where possible (not too much), mostly vegetables and salads with small amounts of protein and good quality fats.

I also use soaps with no parabens, chemicals etc and a small amount of organic cosmetics. My household cleaning products are white vinegar with essential oils, although my husband will come through the house sometimes with the heavy duty stuff! I do get my hair coloured about 4 times a year and I use a lightening shampoo infrequently, which is full of chemicals!

I finished breast-feeding about 2 months previous to the analysis. Minerals are immobilized from the mother if there are inadequate dietary sources while she is pregnant and lactating. I’m thinking this could be the reason for some anomalies.

Analysing my results displayed to me how much we are exposed to environmentally, even when we are trying to be ‘clean’ with our foods, toiletries and household products. It also highlighted to me we can eat the ‘healthiest, and cleanest’ diets in the world but if your body is not de-toxing, methylating, eliminating and absorbing properly you can still end up in nutritional deficit or excess and with heavy metal toxicity.

Hair element testing is a cost efficient, accurate way to monitor mineral imbalances and environmental toxicity.

Signs of metal toxicity:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Brain fog – confusion
  • Chronic infections such as candida
  • Gastro-intestinal complaints
  • Endocrine dysfunction – infertility
  • Food allergies
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Mood swings, depression, anxiety
  • Nervous system malfunctions: numbness, tingling, burning sensations

Why test hair?

Hair is considered a soft tissue, therefore hair analysis is a soft tissue biopsy. The human hair traps and stores elements between strands of keratin, which makes up around 95% of hair tissue. Minerals become trapped. Heavy metals attach to individual keratin strands.

As hair approaches the skin surface, it undergoes a hardening process and the elements accumulated during its formation are sealed into the protein structure of the hair.

On average human hair grows at a rate of 1cm per month, therefore the analysis of a 3-4cm cut sample, represents what that growing hair has absorbed over the last 3-4 month period.

My results

Cobalt – low

  • Indicates a B12 deficiency
  • Disturbed methylation
  • Poor liver detoxification
  • Normally low in vegetarians/vegans (which I’m not)

Copper – high

  • Adrenal fatigue – I have had to manage this in the past and had my suspicions this might be creeping back in. Having a toddler, running a new business, studying, renovating and co-managing a household is fulfilling but busy.
  • Copper increases during pregnancy so this could be residual and not being eliminated effectively.
  • Swimming in chlorinated swimming pools – I love my swimming and have decreased to once a week however, it is like a chemical bath and need to re-evaluate.
  • Copper pipes – We live in an older style home, Californian bungalow and I was having warm tap water with lemon first thing in the morning. I’m now changing to apple cider vinegar in filtered water.
  • Can contribute to thyroid imbalances
  • Copper rich foods – Raw cacao addict, coffee, tea, chocolate 90%

Iron – lowish

  • Copper blocks iron absorption
  • Excess zinc

Molybdenum – low

  • Low digestive enzymes
  • Excess copper and zinc
  • Disturbed methylation

Zinc – high

Seemingly you would think this is a good result, however when in excess it can compete with other minerals.

  • Excess zinc can be an indication of prolonged zinc deficiency
  • Low red blood cell and tissue zinc

Calcium – good

  • Just thought I would include this as I am dairy free and my calcium levels are great.

Magnesium – high

  • Most likely through supplementation

Toxic Mineral Levels

I was not surprised with having high mercury levels; most people in the 21st century have high mercury levels if they consume fish. Other reasons for me could be:

  • Vaccinations
  • Seafood
  • Poor methylation

Hair mineral ratio results

Iron/copper ratio – low

  • Copper blocks iron absorption
  • Can lead to neurological dysfunction
  • Iron deficiency
  • Thyroid disturbance

Calcium/magnesium ratio – low-ish

  • Blood sugar
  • Pancreas/insulin
  • Excess magnesium

Zinc/chromium ratio – high

  • Due to zinc being in excess

Zinc/iron – high

  • Due to zinc being in excess

Zinc/manganese – high

  • Due to zinc being in excess

I will retest in 6 months to evaluate my protocol to see if I can regain more mineral balance and eliminate some of the mercury and copper in particular. A future blog will detail the elimination, detox and support protocol specific to my results.

For more on HMAT contact Mel 0423915266 or

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