January RESET

January RESET

It’s hard not to over indulge over the festive season. Most people are on holidays, relaxing with friends and family, drinks are on offer and taken up more. Events, parties, BBQ’s, dinners, coffee dates and it goes on and on are all happening, its fun.

I still stick to my eating habits of gluten, dairy and refined sugar free but I do eat more because there is more around and so and so bought that raw chocolate dessert over that I had to try…. and this goes on and on.

So I am doing a January reset (albiet, I still have some parties to host and attend nut mostly this will be me.)

  1. Dry brushing, once a day. to help move toxins around and out of your body.

  2. Contrast showers daily. Also helps stimulate the lymphatic system to move toxins along and out.

  3. Take my specially formulated compounded supplement with a focus on detoxification pathways (contact me if you would like an individualised supplement)

  4. Rubbing grapefruit essential oil all over my body daily - aids in detoxification.

  5. Drinking a large glass of warm water first thing in the morning, followed by a second large glass with lemon juice.

  6. Drinking a matcha tea daily (normally in the morning), high in antioxidants and polyphenols, stimulates the liver and helps clear free radicals.

  7. Increasing my brassica and sulphur rich foods daily in salads and soup (yes soup in summer) daily!

  8. Including turmeric essential oil in daily.

  9. Having activated charcoal daily, away from all food and supplements. Its fantastic at mopping up toxins and getting them out of the body.

  10. Moving everyday - need to move the body to move toxins around. It will also aid in weight management if needed. My favourites are surfing, walking, ocean swims and gym.

  11. Having an epsom salt bath regularly - high in magnesium sulphate which helps to relax the body and help detoxifies.

  12. Swap out any potential alcohol for kombucha and mineral water.

  13. Practise some fasting - try the 14-10 rule. Stop eating at 7pm and don’t have anything until 9am. This allows cell autophagy to occur, the cells clearing out debris and unwanted material.

  14. Get outside as quickly as possible in the morning without sunglasses on to stimulate cortisol which will then have a positive impact at night time with an increase in melatonin to help sleep.

  15. No screens 1 hour before bed, read instead.

    These are some habits that I know make me feel great if I am doing them regularly, I have dropped some of them recently but intend to incorporate them all back in as quickly as possible.

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