The Real Signs You Have a Parasite

The Real Signs You Have a Parasite

Parasites are a part of normal pathology. They are passing through us constantly; through drinking water, unwashed vegetables and salads and undercooked meat. We can live harmoniously with parasites quite well and there are even some benefits with some strains and types. However, it is when somebody becomes symptomatic and progressively gets worse that they are a problem and when I believe you need to do something about them.

I am seeing an epidemic at the moment with my clients. Around 60% are coming back with some sort of infection (including bacteria, fungus and yeasts).

Why are they prolific at the moment? Living in the 21st century with an inflammatory lifestyle, such as;

  • Stressful jobs or unsatisfactory job,
  • Sitting in traffic,
  • Eating inflammatory foods (wheat, sugar, dairy and processed),
  • Drinking alcohol,
  • Drinking coffee,
  • Having negative relationships,
  • Having a negative outlook on life,
  • Using recreational and/or pharmaceutical drugs,
  • Lack of sleep

All these things contribute to a permeable intestinal tract otherwise more commonly known as ‘leaky gut’. This is where things that are not meant to get through to the blood stream get through, such as food particles and pathogens.

These types of stressors become chronic stress over time and it affects the microbiota (gut health). Instead of they’re being a harmonious balance between the good and bad, the bad overtake the good, creating dysbiosis (an imbalance). This allows for opportunistic bugs to bed in and harvest their families.

These are some real signs you may have a parasite.

1.  Something is up.

You can’t put you finger on it but you don’t feel quite right. You’ve been to the doctor and everything has come back ‘normal’. But you know there is something else going on.

2.  Weird symptoms.

Symptoms you’ve never had before start to appear. Maybe its ulcers on your mouth, a rash on you body, itchy skin or several symptoms at once.

3.  Bloating

You bloat after eating at times but not all the time. It’s hard to figure out what it is because it changes all the time.

4.  Cravings

At times you have to have sugar or carbs. It’s almost uncontrollable, like something else is making you do it.

5.  Fatigue

You’re tired. Generally just tired all the time, even after a good nights sleep. You could just keep sleeping.

6.  You wake up at 2-3 in the morning.

The parasites are most active at this time. They can release a stress response, which makes you wake up.

7.  Constipation or diarrhea or both.

You could have one or the other, either are not ‘normal’. Or you could fluctuate from one to the other.

8.  Your menstrual cycles gone array.

Your cycle is no longer regular. It could be longer or shorter and it may be more painful.

You could live with a parasite for years and years and become more symptomatic and more dysfunctional. I believe in the ‘test don’t guess’ philosophy then you know in black or white. If you don’t have one, great, you can move on and look at other causes. If you do have one then you can undergo a natural healing protocol to eradicate it and resume normal function.

I offer a comprehensive GI test that tests for all parasites, bacteria, fungus and yeasts.


Mel x

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