7 Ways to Control Blood Glucose

7 Ways to Control Blood Glucose

Do you feel tired at times during the day? Are you buzzing one moment than flat the next? Do you have belly fat you can’t get rid of? 

Blood glucose issues can lead to many different health problems and be the catalyst for hormone disruption. In functional nutrition, stabilizing blood glucose is the foundation of a tailored diet and lifestyle plan. It is easily controlled if you know how.

You want your body to be efficient at utilizing blood glucose, which we get from eating. If it’s not, the high blood glucose can cause insulin resistance where the cells don’t take in the glucose. This is what contributes to weight gain, a rollercoaster ride of emotions and hormonal chaos.

Here are 7 ways to control blood sugar.

1. Eating a diet of whole, real, natural foods.

The body metabolizes real food more effectively than processed and ready-made food. Try to have a balance of quality fats, protein and moderate carbohydrates.

2. Exercise regularly.

Anaerobic exercise and strength training are most efficient to deplete glycogen stores, which has a positive effect on the cells taking in glucose.

3. Eat food with a low glycemic index (GI)

This will minimize the rate carbohydrate is converted into the bloodstream. Again this minimizes extra glucose circulating in the bloodstream.

4. Include cinnamon in your diet.

It helps stimulates glucose uptake by fat cells, lowering glucose and insulin levels.

5. Cook with ginger and garlic.

Both help improve glucose uptake.

6. Having apple cider vinegar.

Having apple cider vinegar before eating increases glucose uptake and reduces a spike in blood sugar after a meal.

7. Supplement with a blood sugar support.

Inositol, chromium and Chinese herbs will help maintain constant blood glucose levels with a controlled diet.

At Functional Nutritionist we identify the root cause of health concerns and make customised, specific plans accordingly.  

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