Your Functional Flow and Phases

Talk to most women and their flows are always a hot topic; I’m so moody this month! Or I’m not sure what’s wrong with me at the moment?  I feel so bloated! I’ve got serious cravings!  I can’t go I’ve got my period! I’m in pain.

7 Possible Supplements to Use for Injury, Inflammation and Pain

I am working at Torquay Sports Medicine Centre (TSMC) and work closely with physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapist and exercise physiologists and the topic came up of what supplements would be beneficial for their clients to help with recovery. So I put together a list of evidence based supplements that could really help with conditions such as injuries, osteo-arthritis, joint pain and inflammation.

When Should I Take My Supplements?

I get asked this question a lot and it’s important. There’s no point spending a lot of money on supplements to then get the timing right and you’re not absorbing as much as you could be. This could mean you don’t get the results you’re after, your health may still be suffering and your symptoms still prevalent.

Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Activities Other then Meditation

Most of my clients are Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) dominant. Stuck in ‘fight and flight’ mode. Ready to run from perceived danger. 
We don’t want the SNS to be activated constantly, this is where we start getting dysfunction and imbalances. 

Stress basically in all its forms activates the SNS. Over the next few posts I’ll being giving simple tips to implement into your life to help activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) throughout the day.

Daily Detox Tips

There are special times such as the festive season where we have a chance to reconnect with ourselves, spend quality time with our partners, kids and families.

It can also be a time where we indulge in things maybe we wouldn't normally; too much champagne, chocolate and cake or whatever it is for you that is enjoyable at the time but may cause inflammation and other negative consequences .

This is ok and totally normal but maybe it's also good to balance this out with some extra things you can do on a daily basis to counteract and feel not so sluggish, tired or heavy.

Here are some simple daily detox tools that you can implement into your life to help you body reduce inflammation, move toxins out of your system and increase vitality. 

6 Tips For Better Quality Sleep

Sleep is so important, it's where we recover, repair and rejuvenate every night. 
I see a lot of clients who don't sleep well for various reasons such as hormonal issues, parasitic infections, stress related issues and babies waking during the night.  

People who sleep less are more likely to have a chronic disease later in life. 

Here are five tips for better quality sleep from a Functional Nutritionist perspective.

Nutrients That Will Help Reduce Inflammation

There is increasing recognition that the cascade of responses involved in inflammation are likely to contribute to the development of chronic health conditions, including cancer. Regulating inflammatory processes is critical in managing and improving overall health.  Diet is essential and can be either pro inflammatory or anti inflammatory. 

Your Inner Gut Lov'n Groupies Need Some Lov'n

So you’ve probably heard now that the bacteria inside (inner groupies) and on us makes up 90% of our cells, making us more bacteria than human. Kind of scary, but fascinating! Which is why it is so important to keep these ‘inner groupies’ happy.

5 Tips On What To Do When You Have Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue (AF) is the number 1 condition I see. I would say most people living in the 21st century are in some stage of adrenal fatigue.  Our physiology is not made to cope with the constant life stressors we combat on a day to day basis such as; work pressures, financial pressures, running a family household, and generally living in a fast paced society where rest is not valued.  

The Real Signs You Have a Parasite

Parasites are a part of normal pathology. They are passing through us constantly; through drinking water, unwashed vegetables and salads and undercooked meat. We can live harmoniously with parasites quite well and there are even some benefits with some strains and types. However, it is when somebody becomes symptomatic and progressively gets worse that they are a problem and when I believe you need to do something about them.

7 Ways to Control Blood Glucose

Do you feel tired at times during the day? Are you buzzing one moment than flat the next? Do you have belly fat you can’t get rid of? 

Blood glucose issues can lead to many different health problems and be the catalyst for hormone disruption. In functional nutrition, stabilizing blood glucose is the foundation of a tailored diet and lifestyle plan. It is easily controlled if you know how.

My Hair Mineral Analysis Test (HMAT) Results

I thought I would share my HMAT results in this blog with a follow up blog on how I am de-toxing safely, and slowly, as well as supplementing to balance minerals. The HMAT can be complex and intricate to interpret, however the below example is just a basic analysis. The results were interesting to say the least.

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN)?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of disease instead of treating symptoms. Using functional lab work, we identify healing opportunities and engage each client in a health building process using the potent, proven, professional protocols in our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction. This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. We don’t medicate, we educate!