How to Eat Nutritious Food on a Budget
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How to Eat Nutritious Food on a Budget

Join us for an afternoon of fun and learn on how to eat nutritious food on a budget. We will have the kitchen humming with Ruby in to cook some nutrient dense snacks whilst you learn!

Firstly, we will discuss your budget and how much your weekly spend is compared to the average Aussie family. We will then work through ways to save and cut down your spending on key ingredients in your cooking.

Mel Ibrihim, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner will then discuss:

•What foods you should be eating and what quantity

•How do you get all the nutrients you need each day

•Should you be budgeting for Organic

•How can you find time to cook better food

•Can you make/cook instead of buying processed foods? How do you make food more nutrient dense?

•Are supplements worth it?

You will walk home with a budget planner, kitchen magnet on key foods to buy organic and many other tools.

Come for an afternoon of food, laughter, financial and nutrition education. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Women's Financial Education | How to Eat Nutritious Food on a Budget

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